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Available inEnglish
OwnerThunder, Markiemm, Lecter
AdvertisingGoogle AdSense
RegistrationRequired for full functionality
Launched16th December
Current statusActive is a scam baiting forum created on 16th December 2016 and made for users to share information publicly about scammers. The site allows all information about someone or a company to be posted if they are engaged in fraudulent business practices, and posts are reviewed manually before being made public.[1] The website owner, Cameron Lobban, goes by the online alias Thunder. As of 4th February 2023, the site has 34,400 registered users and over 238,000 posts made.[2] The site uses Discourse forum software.[3]


The website has several different sections for users to post their discussions in, but the main focus of the site is posting malicious numbers or domains that are used by scammers, so that they appear in search results to warn people,[4] and eventually get overwhelmed by prank calls. Users are encouraged to post as much information about a scammer as they can, including their full names, addresses, telephone numbers, and photos in order to help track scammers down and prosecute them. Popular YouTuber Jim Browning makes use of this forum and posts information on scammers.[5]

Notable events in the timeline of the site

On 6th November 2017, a company called MyPhoneSupport initiated court proceedings against along with Discord and Icehook Systems in order to retrieve information about the users sending mass amounts of prank phone calls to them.[6]

On 25th May 2019, one of the website's moderators NeeP visited India in an attempt to get an inside look into scam call centres.[7]

On 20th August 2020, a company called American Automotive Solutions initiated a lawsuit against, among other defendants, for their actions against the company due to their fraudulent behaviour.[8][9]

On 3rd January 2022, a post by the site's owner Thunder indicated that they are currently facing a potential legal battle with a company going by the name of SmartFares, shortly after the discussion on them reached over 2,000 posts.[10]


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