Dale Jake Corner

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Dale Jake Corner
Dale Jake Corner's profile image on Linkedin.
OccupationInternet Troll
Years active5
Known forTrolling Scammer.info, Defaming Thunder

Dale Jake Corner is an internet troll and antagonist well known for his attacks against websites such as Scammer.info[1] and 800notes.com[2]. These attacks stem from Dale's accounts being banned on each site for disrupting the forums. After this he decided to go on a harassment campaign against both websites, but he focused on mainly Thunder and MKHNT from Scammer.info.

Thunder posted a short video making fun of Dale's abuse reports and defamation against him.[3]

Dale has his address and contact information posted publicly, alongside his business called "Corner Computing Solutions", which is a computer repair business.[4]

Despite him running a computer repair business, he doesn't understand the world of the internet too well, and frequently confuses himself when posting his investigations into malicious websites.

Attacks on Scammer.info

Dale Jake Corner has been caught lying about scammer.info and its owner Thunder, by stating the site is unsafe, connected to malware, and is used by sex offenders. He has shown no proof of his claims, and has even filed court cases against Thunder for unwanted communications, despite Dale constantly being the one to harass Thunder.

Thunder created a website called Review Spot, where a negative review regarding Dale's business "Corner Computing Solutions" was posted. Dale was unaware of who owned the site while he emailed the site's admin email to ask for the review to be taken down. He proceeded to lie even more about Thunder, calling him a pedophile for being a furry.

Screenshots of Dale's craziness