Cameron Lobban

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Cameron Lobban
Other namesThunder
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
OrganisationName Enterprise Ltd
Known forCreating
Height195 cm (6 ft 5 in)

Cameron Lobban is a prominent figure hailing from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He is known for his impactful contributions in the online sphere and his dedicated advocacy efforts. Cameron is notably recognised as the brains behind and is active under the aliases "Thunder" and "Augmented Thunder" in virtual communities.

Early Life and Education

Cameron Lobban's formative years were spent in West Yorkshire, where he attended a traditional primary school. Despite facing challenges and occasionally finding himself embroiled in conflicts, Cameron displayed a generous spirit towards his peers. Progressing to high school, he encountered a lack of social interaction due to having only two former primary schoolmates as companions. His high school experience was marked by isolation, religious influences, and distressing instances of physical attacks by fellow students, which left him with a chipped tooth and constant headaches.

Online Presence and Advocacy

YouTube Channel: Thunder Tech

In the year 2010, Cameron Lobban launched his YouTube channel, Thunder Tech, primarily focusing on showcasing computer malware experiments conducted within virtual environments. Drawing from his background in computer repair and frontline customer support roles, Cameron's content spotlighted his technical proficiency. As time went on, Cameron shifted his focus to scambaiting, exposing online scams to his growing subscriber base. and Combating Online Scams

A crowning achievement of Cameron's online journey is, a platform dedicated to combating online scams through collective efforts. Operating under the alias "Thunder," Cameron champions online security awareness and scam prevention. His platform facilitates the exchange of vital information, identification of scams, and the dissemination of knowledge to shield individuals from fraudulent activities.

False Arrest and Legal Battle

Cameron Lobban's trajectory took a distressing turn when he became a victim of a wrongful arrest by the West Yorkshire Police. The eve preceding this encounter, Cameron had been cautioned about potential arrests arising from his public appearance. Despite his attire reflecting personal preferences devoid of any offensive intent, he found himself ensnared in an unsettling predicament.

Subsequently embroiled in an altercation where he was assailed by two individuals, Cameron possessed a compact non-locking pocket knife. The altercation left him physically assaulted, and in the midst of the chaos, the knife remained hidden beneath his hand as he evaluated his options. His efforts to pursue justice and retrieve CCTV footage were met with frustration, culminating in his arrest on charges of possessing an offensive weapon.

The ordeal of his arrest subjected Cameron to a distressing ordeal. The mishandling of confiscated items resulted in damage and the growth of mould. He endured an extended period within a cold cell, followed by an inadequate investigation. Despite his endeavours to dismiss the charges, he was convicted within the Magistrates' Court, resulting in financial penalties and a suspended sentence.

Legal Triumph and Continued Advocacy

Cameron Lobban's unwavering pursuit of justice culminated in a successful appeal of his conviction within the Crown Court. Supported by a sympathetic judge and magistrates, his conviction was ultimately overturned. This triumph highlighted the significance of legal recourse and cast light upon systemic challenges prevailing within the legal framework.

Undeterred by the legal battle and its toll on his well-being, Cameron remains steadfast in his commitment to advocate for online security and unveil scams. His personal experiences have propelled him to amplify awareness concerning wrongful arrests and the hurdles encountered by individuals navigating the legal labyrinth.

Impact and Legacy

Cameron Lobban's tenacity and unwavering dedication have left an indelible imprint upon the online community. Through and his virtual presence, he continues to empower individuals, equipping them to shield against scams and champion justice. Amidst personal adversity, Cameron's persistent determination stands as a beacon of inspiration, igniting the spirit of others.