Cameron Lobban

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Cameron Lobban
Other namesThunder
CitizenshipUnited Kingdom
OrganisationScammer Info
Known forCreating
Height195 cm (6 ft 5 in)


Cameron Lobban is a man in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He is the creator of Augmented Thunder and

Cameron enjoys playing an alter-ego online, wearing his "Augmented Mask" he becomes Augmented Thunder. This is sometimes played out outside in the real world, with people's reactions being mixed. They range from people wanting to take pictures and complimenting the mask, to men shouting at him and challenging him on the legality of his appearance. Cameron states that it is a basic human right to dress however you want, as long as you are not trying to cause offence.

Cameron is a trained IT professional who has worked on IT helpdesks and in computer stores repairing computers. He has a passion for helping others, and is always willing to give anyone he meets a helping hand.

Fighting bogus criminal charges

In October 2019 Cameron was arrested and charged with Possession of an Offensive Weapon, after being jumped and viciously beaten by 2 drunk men who fled in their car in the centre of his town. He had on him a 2.6 inch folding and non-locking pocket knife. The knife was never unfolded or used as a weapon, but as Cameron said he thought about using it to defend himself the police tried to prosecute him.

He was found guilty of the offence in Magistrates' court, so he went to the Crown Court for the appeal and represented himself. He won with the prosecution being unable to convince the court that he had the intention to use the knife as a weapon.[1]