West Yorkshire

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West Yorkshire is a metropolitan county located in the northern region of England, United Kingdom. With its diverse history, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant urban landscapes, West Yorkshire holds a prominent place within the country's socio-economic and cultural fabric. Bordered by South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, and Derbyshire, this county boasts a dynamic blend of urban centres and picturesque countryside.


West Yorkshire encompasses an area of approximately 2,029 square kilometres and is known for its varied topography. From the bustling cityscapes of Leeds and Bradford to the serene landscapes of the Pennine hills and valleys, the county's geography reflects its multifaceted character.


The history of West Yorkshire is intertwined with the industrial revolution, which brought about significant socio-economic changes. The growth of textile industries and coal mining during the 19th century led to the rapid urbanisation of the region. The historic county of Yorkshire was divided into three parts in 1974, with West Yorkshire emerging as a metropolitan county within the newly formed administrative structure.

Cities and Towns


The vibrant city of Leeds, the largest in West Yorkshire, serves as a cultural, financial, and commercial hub. Renowned for its academic institutions, diverse cultural offerings, and thriving retail sector, Leeds is a dynamic urban centre.


Bradford, another major city within the county, boasts a rich industrial history and has transformed into a multicultural city with a strong arts and cultural scene.


The city of Wakefield is known for its historical landmarks, including the Sandal Castle and Wakefield Cathedral, contributing to the county's cultural heritage.


Huddersfield is famed for its educational institutions, including the University of Huddersfield, and its contributions to music, particularly in the realm of brass bands.


Halifax, situated in the picturesque Calderdale valley, is celebrated for its architectural heritage, including the Piece Hall and the Halifax Minster.

Culture and Attractions

West Yorkshire offers a wealth of cultural attractions, including museums, galleries, theatres, and music venues. The region's cultural diversity is reflected in its festivals, events, and culinary offerings, making it a captivating destination for residents and visitors alike.


West Yorkshire's economy is diverse, with a focus on financial services, manufacturing, technology, and education. The county is home to several universities and educational institutions that contribute to research and innovation.


The county is well-connected by a comprehensive transport network, including road and rail links. The M62 motorway, one of the UK's major east-west routes, traverses West Yorkshire, connecting the region to other parts of the country.


West Yorkshire is governed by a combined authority, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, which oversees matters related to transport, economic development, and regeneration.