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Guardians is an exclusive group founded by Cameron Lobban, widely known by his online alias Thunder. Comprising helpful and altruistic individuals within online communities, Guardians members are dedicated to assisting newcomers in navigating various games, offering guidance on gameplay mechanics, strategies, and wealth accumulation.

Origins and Mission

Guardians originated from Thunder's vision to create a supportive community within online gaming environments. Established initially in the game "Dead Frontier," Thunder founded the clan with the objective of aiding new players in acclimating to the game's intricacies. This included assisting them in completing quests, providing valuable gear, and offering financial support to facilitate their progress.

The primary mission of Guardians is to foster a positive and inclusive environment within online gaming communities. Members are committed to assisting newcomers, sharing knowledge, and promoting camaraderie among players.

Activities and Expansion

Since its inception, Guardians has expanded its reach beyond "Dead Frontier" to encompass other popular online games such as "Runescape" and "Overwatch." In each game, Guardians members extend their assistance to new players, tailoring their support to meet the specific needs of each community.

While Overwatch has no clan or grouping system, Thunder is active in the clan "Aegis of Saradomin" in Runescape, which is a clan focused on helping new players while following the Runescape God known as Saradomin.

Thunder's Role and Real-life Impact

As the founder and driving force behind Guardians, Thunder plays a pivotal role in guiding the group's activities and principles. His commitment to helping others extends beyond virtual realms into real life. In addition to his online endeavours, Thunder has been known to provide assistance to individuals in need, including offering rides, promptly calling emergency services when required, and even intervening to aid those facing life-threatening situations.

Membership and Selection Process

Membership in Guardians is strictly by invitation only, with candidates selected based on their demonstrated willingness to assist others and contribute positively to the gaming community. Prospective members are evaluated on their genuine desire to help fellow players, as well as their adherence to the group's values of kindness, integrity, and teamwork.

Recognition and Impact

Over the years, Guardians has garnered recognition and appreciation from players across various gaming platforms for its unwavering dedication to fostering a supportive and welcoming environment. The group's efforts have had a tangible impact on the gaming community, empowering countless individuals to overcome obstacles, enhance their gaming skills, and forge lasting connections with like-minded players.