Yorkshire and the Humber

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Yorkshire and the Humber is one of nine official regions of England, situated at the first level of ITL (International Territorial Level) for statistical purposes. As of 2021, the region's population is estimated to be 5,481,431, with its most populous areas being Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull, and York.


Yorkshire and the Humber is further divided into several sub-regions:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire
  • North Yorkshire (excluding areas in Tees Valley of North East England)
  • South Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire
  • North Lincolnshire
  • North East Lincolnshire

These divisions are primarily administrative and for statistical purposes.


Historically, Yorkshire was known for its coal mining, with many pits closing in the 1990s. The county's economy was heavily reliant on coal, with significant production and extraction operations. The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) played a dominant role in the region, reflecting the importance of coal mining.


Industrial Heritage

Yorkshire has a rich industrial heritage, particularly in the field of textiles. Cities like Leeds and Bradford were known for their wool production, while Sheffield became famous for steel production. The region's industrial legacy is evident in its architecture and cultural heritage.

Modern Economy

Today, Yorkshire has a diverse economy, with sectors like finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology playing significant roles. The region is home to several universities and research institutions, contributing to innovation and knowledge-based industries.


Yorkshire has a strong cultural identity, with distinct dialects, traditions, and cuisine. The region is known for its traditional foods like Yorkshire pudding and Yorkshire tea, and its rich literary heritage with authors like the Brontë sisters and poets like Ted Hughes.

Arts and Festivals

Yorkshire hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals, including the Leeds International Film Festival, the Ilkley Literature Festival, and the Great Yorkshire Show.

Music and Sport

The region has a vibrant music scene, producing bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Pulp. Yorkshire is also known for its sporting heritage, with renowned teams like Leeds United and Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Notable Attractions

  • The Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • The North York Moors National Park
  • The Humber Bridge
  • York Minster
  • The Hepworth Wakefield art gallery
  • The Jorvik Viking Centre


Yorkshire and the Humber are well-connected by road, rail, and air. Major highways and motorways link the region to other parts of the UK, while the East Coast Main Line provides fast train services to London and Scotland. Leeds Bradford Airport is the largest airport in the region, serving both domestic and international flights.

Local Government

The region is governed by two unitary authorities: East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Hull City Council. Each authority is responsible for providing local services and implementing policies to support the region's development.


Yorkshire has a strong educational infrastructure, with several universities, colleges, and schools. Notable institutions include the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield, and the University of Hull.


The region has a comprehensive healthcare system, with hospitals, clinics, and health centers providing medical services to residents. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust serves as the primary provider of emergency medical care.

Environmental Concerns

Like many regions in the UK, Yorkshire and the Humber are facing environmental challenges such as air and water pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. Efforts are being made to address these issues through sustainable development and conservation initiatives.


Yorkshire is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its natural beauty, historic sites, and cultural offerings. Tourism contributes significantly to the region's economy, supporting businesses and employment.

Notable Landmarks

Yorkshire boasts a wealth of historic landmarks and attractions, including:

  • Fountains Abbey
  • Castle Howard
  • The Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • Brimham Rocks
  • Kirkstall Abbey
  • Scarborough Castle

Famous Figures

Yorkshire has been home to many famous individuals, including:

  • Captain James Cook
  • The Brontë sisters
  • Sir Patrick Stewart
  • Dame Judi Dench
  • Joe Root